Studio Barre Ball
Bring your workout to the next level with the classic Studio Barre Grey Ball! Offered in two different sizes for your tucking pleasure. 5in balls are great for petite clients or exercises using the ball behind the knee. 6in balls...
Studio Barre Band
The BLUE BAND!! Love it or hate it....the blue band is that extra resistance to bring your barre to the next level! This band is the perfect weight to safely feel the burn in all the best places!
Studio Barre Weighted Balls
Add that extra challenge to your Studio Barre On Demand Workouts with these weighted balls. Comes in a set of two
Studio Barre All Balls Package
Get all the balls you need for every Studio Barre On Demand Class! This package includes a set of 2 Weighted Balls and one regular squishy Studio Barre ball.
Studio Barre Coasters
A new fun torture device, oh um we mean equipment piece for your Studio Barre On Demand fun! Ditch the paper plate or towel and coast away to defined muscles with the Studio Barre Coasters. Designed to help you slide...
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